21 February, 2022
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7 important applications of email verification

21 February, 2022

With use of email verification, you can remove weak emails from your email list to increase your email reputation.
In order to increase the performance of your campaigns, you need to verify the emails in your email list to remove all bad emails from it.

Paying attention to having a clean email list will have a very positive effect on the reputation and success of your campaigns. And that's exactly what email verification services do for you. In this article, we'll tell you about 7 of the most important applications of email verification and why you should use them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Email Verification

How email verification works?

Email Verification verifies your email addresses, confirms them, or removes them from your email list as bad emails. It also checks for an email before you add it to your list. 

Why We Need Email Verification?

Having bad emails in your email list will cause bounces and increased bounce rate will cause your credit to be greatly reduced. Eventually this can close your account. So email verification is the best way to prevent this.

 What are the uses of email verification?

 1. Checking emails

Most email verifiers also check your emails individually. You can check your email for free for the first time without loging in to Hoopoemail.

2. Verifying Email lists

When you want to send an email to your email list, you need to check the old emails. Addresses that you have not emailed for more than 2 months should be checked to remove them from your list if the email is bad.
In most email verifiers, you can copy and paste your email list and they will convert it to a CSV file themselves.

3. Bulk Email Verification

Bulk email verification is the process of removing old emails from your list. This is important because if you have an old email on your list, it can lead to spam complaints.

A bulk email verifier will remove all emails that are older than a certain date from your list. This will ensure that you are sending only emails to people who want to receive them and not those who do not want them.

4. Integrations Of Email Verification

There are email verification companies that allow you to integrate your email with major email service providers. A common way to do this is by using an API Key. 

This is made possible by one-click import and verification of email lists to make sure they are as accurate as possible. You can then take action with a single click, after completing the verification process.

5. Email Verification API

Emails are one of the most important and effective tools to gain potential customers. If you don't want to miss customers who have subscribed, but are not engaging, then it's time to start verifying emails in real-time with an email verifier API. with the rise of marketing automation, it's important to make sure that you're getting email ids from your leads and that those email ids are valid. A lead conversion is blocked when they enter an invalid email id because their contact information cannot be confirmed.

6. Automated Email Verification

There are not many email services that automatically verify your email list. Hopo Email has an automatic email verification service which launches without spending much time and money. with these services your emails are checked regularly. one of the biggest advantages of using an automatic email verifier is that it prevents any hard jumps in the future, and it covers email verification issues.

7. Host blacklist check

The host blacklist check tool will help you check a host to see if it is listed in a blacklist. After submit the form, wait around 5 second to get the report



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