Campaign Warmup

Start sending your campaigns with Hoopoe to warming up your IP and domain

The smartest solution for warming up your inbox

1. purchase as many warmed-up emails as you want, from 100 to 10,000

The first step is to order an email list that is programmed to interact with your emails through our panel. with our pay as you go pricing, you can easily purchase any number of emails at any time.

2. Send your campaigns to our email list

start sending your campaign to the list we have provided to warm up your IP and domain. Our bots are programmed to interact with your emails, therefore your IP and domain popularity starts to increase and your emails will be inboxed.

3. start sending campaigns to your own list

Only 2-5 hours later your IP and domain are ready to send any campaign and land it in your customer's inbox.

Why you need campaign warmup?

When you send bulk emails from a new IP and domain, the behavior of the first users who open your emails has a significant impact on the ongoing inboxing process of your campaigns. If receivers mark your email as spam, delete it or not open it at all, they are sending negative signals to your ESP and it will reduce the reputation of your emails. but when users send good signals like opening your emails, mark them as not spam, and write a reply, your reputation and domain will increase and notify ESP's that your emails are valuable and should be inboxed. At Hoopoe, we provide you with a Warmup campaign panel. in order to warm up your campaign, you just need to send your campaigns to our list. after that you can start sending them to your email list.

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