09 October, 2021
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The reason you should use Delivery Email services

09 October, 2021

Email is one of the most important marketing tools. But many people may use it incorrectly due to a lack of information and users probably not be interested in their email.
Furthermore, spam emails, weak campaigns, and inconsistency may cause your recipients to identify your emails as spam, and you'll be blacklisted.

In addition, there are very strict rules for companies that use email marketing. therefore you need to look for a way to make sure all your emails are delivered to the intended users. the only way to make sure of that is an email delivery service or EDS.

Here are some tips on how to choose the proper delivery service for you and more about the benefits of using these services.

What is email delivery service?

An email delivery service enables companies and businesses to send high volume emails a fast and reliable way. Companies that use email delivery services automate most of their marketing, transactional, or operational emails by transferring them to email service providers. These services include support at all stages of the process, providing infrastructure, and performing technical aspects of the work. Ultimately, this leads to a more accurate analytical view and more control over the emails sent.

Using an email delivery service not only doesn't cost you much but also ultimately benefits you. With such a system, you can send emails in your emails reach your leads and customers much faster and easier. This is just one of the advantages of such a service and it has many other benefits as well.

Advantages of using an email delivery service

more email volume

If you want to send a large volume of emails (above 20) it's better not to do it manually. You will also need an email delivery service for transactional emails. Email services such as Gmail and Outlook do not allow you to send more than a certain number of emails at once.

Better deliverability

The ability to successfully deliver emails to the inbox folder is called email deliverability. When your email enters the spam folder or doesn't land in the inbox, it means that your email deliverability is not good. But what factors affect email deliverability? The most common factors are email quality, consistency, inappropriate content, wrong recipient addresses, and low domain reputation. When you use an email delivery service, you no longer have to manage these problems yourself.

Your email delivery service manages IP authentication, monitoring deny lists, setting protocols such as DKIM, DMARC, and SPF. This leads to high email deliverability.

Email tracking

Analyzing and tracking email campaigns and their performance is a very important step that prevents poor results and wasting your money. So when choosing an email delivery service, make sure it allows you to track and see the campaign performance. You must have access to the information at least 60 days after sending the campaign.

It is best to check everything, to see which emails the recipient has interacted with, which ones have been forwarded, opened several times, or clicked on the link inside. Also, see which emails have not been opened or deleted.


One of the great advantages of using such services is that you can always ask for help in case of technical problems. If your domain reputation is low or your emails get spammed, you are not alone, and a group of email marketing professionals is there for you.

Advanced statistics

A good email delivery service provides detailed information about your emails and campaigns. This information will include the number of emails sent, received, opened, and clicked. Emails that have been opened several times, unsubscribes, and bounce rates are also reported. You can distinguish the issues before they get serious.


a reliable delivery service has features to ensure the safety of you and your recipient's information. One of these features is that they use two separate accounts for campaigns and sending transactional emails.

If you want to make things more secure، it's better to use a separate account for each purpose. for example using dedicated emails for newsletters and various marketing purposes will help to gain the recipient's trust.

Another way for your email delivery service to increase security is to use separate API keys for each application. This way, if one of these APIs fails, it can be replaced and your emails will no longer be compromised.

Campaign management

Another feature provided by email delivery services is the ability to create marketing lists to improve campaign management. You can also automatically add or remove your desired recipients to these lists using forms or links.

Avoid blacklisting

Email service providers have set up filters to prevent spamming. You have to be very convincing to not be labeled as a spammer, so you can deliver your emails to the recipient, but how? with a few misbehaviors You can easily get identified as a spammer and your emails will stop landing in the inbox folder.

Using a delivery email service can prevent many of these problems. As ISPs recognize them as trusted senders and can send emails even in a high volume without being blacklisted.

Pay less

Using an Email Delivery service will lower your costs. You no longer have to worry about the costs of purchasing, maintaining, and updating your campaign software and hardware. You also no longer need to hire someone to work on your email delivery.

How to identify the most appropriate delivery service?

  • The company must be self-sufficient in terms of human and technical resources. It shouldn't be too small so outsource its basic services. Always look for a company that has guaranteed services and good customer service.
  • The company should have a good and solid history in email delivery and be familiar with your challenges and their solutions.
  • A company with sufficient experience and trained staff should provide you with the best and most comprehensive email delivery services. To find the most suitable delivery email provider, you can browse their website and see what services they offer that are useful to you.

As you can see, email deliverability is one of the most important things in email marketing, which you can easily control by outsourcing to email delivery services without spending a lot of money on it.

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