Choosing the best time to send marketing emails

02 October, 2021

The most important thing in email marketing is to make sure your emails deliver to the recipients and get open. That's why you need to choosing the best time to send marketing emails & campaigns.

When you're preparing the content for your marketing email you'll need a catchy and quick subject with a proper call to action. also, there are many other items to consider when creating a campaign. but in many cases, the recipient will not see your email at all and it will cause your opening rate to drop, which will damage your reputation and deliverability.

Why does the recipient not see your email at all?

It's all about timing. In addition to the above, the email schedule is another important factor that affects your open rate and click-through rate. If your sending time is correct, the rest of your efforts to create an engaging email will pay off and your campaign will stand a chance. This is how your conversion rate increases.

The Very Best Time to Send Email Newsletters

  • Not weekends! Weekends are not a good time to send email because it is a fun day and folks are spending time outside the house so they will not see your email. As a result, opening rates will be low and most marketers are reluctant to send emails this day.
  • At daytime. It is usually best to send an email during the daytime. That is when people are awake and probably doing their stuff.
  • Skip Mondays. On Mondays people start deleting tons of emails they received a few days ago and most likely they won't read them. So it is better not to send emails on Mondays.
  • Pre-send event emails. Reports show that about a quarter of emails get opened in 1 hour after being sent. Other people will not open your email until two or three days later. So when you decide the best time to send marketing emails it's better to send your email 3 to 5 days before the events.
  • perfect days: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. the best time to send marketing emails to recipients is in the middle of the week. As we said, Saturday and Friday are not the most suitable days. Send your newsletters on Tuesdays till Thursdays.

best time for send email

the best time to send marketing emails


  •  Mid-day of the mid-week: It is well established that the middle hours of the day, from 9 to 11 am and 1 to 4 pm in the middle of the week, ie Tuesdays, are one of the most visited times for sending emails.
sending email at 12 to 5pm
Best time for sending marketing emails

 Are these tips 100% right?

The items recommended above are in general. But sometimes it may prove otherwise. For example, sending emails on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings may look great, but as our reports show, very few people open their emails at this time. This means that the best time to send an email can vary depending on your target audience.
For example, if your audience is teenagers and young people, you can probably send them emails at night and the opening rate will be high.
Some people check their e-mail with their computer during the day, but many other people check their e-mail with a mobile phone and access and work with the phone at any time of the day or even night.
So the most important thing is to know your audience and determine the best schedule according to their preferences and interests.

Choosing the best time depending on your audience

To be successful in email marketing, you need to know the interests and habits of your recipients. In the following, we have reviewed several groups of people.

  • As we said before, Fridays are not the best time to send emails, but if you are in the entertainment industry, this day can be the best time to send out your newsletter, because people are basically looking for a weekend hobby.
  • If your targets are young people and internet geeks, you can also send that email at night and completely ignore the tip for not sending emails at night.
  • when choosing the best time for sending marketing emails, Another important is to consider their time zone. You need to pick the best time for your targets based on where they live.





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