20 January, 2022
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What is spam and what counts as spam?

20 January, 2022

Have you ever wondered what is spam? Spam is an unwanted bulk email. Billions of spam emails are sent to people every day, making e-mail and Internet service providers to react.

spam email: what called spam?

Unwanted bulk email is generally called spam. If you send an unsolicited e-mail to a large number of people, this e-mail will be considered as spam.

Spam has changed a lot over the years. Perhaps sending spam was just a hobby at first, and then it became a marketing of legal goods and services to criminal activities.

 Number of spam emails sent

According to statistics, 85% of all emails sent are spam. In fact, spammers consider email marketing to be a very easy and cheap way to reach people.
Hence, they try to access people's email lists in order to quickly introduce their services to others through an email, while the recipients are reluctant to receive these emails.

How Internet service providers deal with spam

To date, email and internet service providers have been successful in reducing the number of spam emails by 25%. Yet, this fight continues. It's a constant battle to keep up with the latest tactics these spammers use in their attempts to dupe unsuspecting users.

Email spam filters are an integral part of the email system. These filters are designed to make sure that emails do not accidentally get sent to your inbox that could be potentially harmful.


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