02 January, 2022
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The Ultimate Guide to Automated Email Verification

02 January, 2022

Why Automated Email Verification is Essential for Every Business

In this day and age, email is one of the most popular mediums to reach out to potential customers. Sadly, it's also one of the easiest to fake. This has been a big problem for many marketing agencies as they have been sending out marketing emails without first verifying which emails are real and which ones are fake.

Luckily, there is a solution for this problem. Autoencoder, a company that specializes in automated email verification services has come up with a way to solve this issue. Not only does their software verify your emails but it also suggests you what other methods you could use for verification like social media or phone numbers.

What are the Benefits of Automated Email Verification?

Over time, your email list will become cluttered with outdated contacts, wrong addresses, and inactive subscribers you forgot to remove. All of these factors can cause your email campaigns to be less effective than they could be. Automated email list cleaning is the future of keeping your lists clean and up-to-date. This automated process can scrub through your emails and remove contact information that's no longer valid.

  • Your email reputation will benefit from the decreased hard bounces caused by your campaign.

  • You just have to set up the system once and that's it. It then takes care of the whole job automatically as often as you want.

  • You don't have to manually check the list every month.

benefits of automated email verification

Automated Email Verification’s biggest benefit is that it works as a protective measure against fraud.

In the past, fraudsters have been able to take advantage of companies by sending out phishing emails. These emails are designed to trick people into giving away sensitive personal information. But now with automated email verification, fraudsters can't do this because they won't be able to verify the email address.

Automated email verification has increased efficiency in business and protects companies from fraud so it's understandable why many companies want to implement it in their workflow.

Don't risk you lists with unwanted recipients, start using the best email verifier today.

Hoopo is a market leader in email verification. With so many providers available, it becomes more and more difficult to find the most reliable one. Hoopo has been doing this for many years and has been perfecting its algorithms all that time to provide you with a powerful notification engine that checks emails against databases of stolen and bad email lists.

If you want to keep your list clean and safe from any damages, choose Hoopoemail for a smooth, accurate service!

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The difference between old email verification methods and the new way of verifying email

Traditional email verification is slow and frustrating. you enter an email and the service checks the email for you. Most email checkers are pretty unstable and have a high-rate of mistakes.

Email lists and bulk email verification services are more sophisticated systems with higher accuracy rates of up to 95 to 99 percent. These verification services, formerly used as big database cleaners, can verify hundreds of thousands of emails in just a few hours.

The new automated email verification method

Email verification automation is the new way to provide email validation. This new technology can be seamlessly integrated into your program or website, with no need for email capture.

To verify emails, there are two main ways: the email verifier API (Appliciation programming Interface) and automated email verifications (AEV). The email verifier API is a simple online program that gives you access to our email verification system. With automated email verifications (AEV), you can use it for your own marketing campaigns without worrying about infrastructure costs.

There are a number of companies offering email verification APIs to customers, which allows them to verify emails in real-time as customer's provide their contact information on your website. If you're not a C programmer, then you'll need to find someone who can do it for you.


Automated email verification is a service that many businesses are using to verify which emails are real and which are fake. This service is only offered by the largest and most reputable email verifiers which can take time for businesses to find.

They offer a solution to integrate with major email service providers and set up an automated process that cleans their lists daily.

Automating Email verification

Saving time and effort is a key goal of any business, and that's why we're here to tell you about an easy way to automate email verification. There are several tools out there which make the process simple and seamless!

There are two types of email verification systems that are best used at different stages of the email marketing funnel:

  • You can integrate with an email verifier API to verify new subscribers. This will help you avoid spam and fraud by checking if the email address is valid before adding them to your list. When an email address is submitted on your website, you send it to an email verifier API endpoint for verification. When you receive a reply, it usually takes less than 1 second to know whether the email is good or not. By adding an API to your email software, you can make sure bad emails don't get added to your email list.
  • Connect to an automated email verification service to keep your existing email lists clean. When you connect to a service like Hoopoemail, your list will be constantly verified as clean and accurate. Users can opt-in to the service through a form on your website or email marketing campaigns. Once connected, these email verification services will delete addresses from your list that are invalid, leading to a more accurate representation of those who have opted-in to receive communications from you.

To set up automation, you need to connect CRM to your email marketing software, select the lists of contacts you want CRM to keep clean, then select the desired action that will happen when CRM identifies a bad email. To set up automation, you will need to connect the two applications, select the lists you want to keep clean, and select the desired action to take when they identify a bad email.

To make sure you never have to deal with hard bounces, use an email verification API and an automated email verifier.

Automated email verification operatesWhy AI-Powered Spam Filtering Is Important for Every Business

How automated email verification operates

Once you connect your email marketing platform with an email verification service that offers automated services, It will check all your emails at regular intervals ans will remove bad emails from your account.

1. The first thing to do to connect to an automatic email verification service is to have an IP key that you can get from your email service provider.

2. select the emails you would like to delete. The following are examples of types you might want to include: invalid emails, one-time use, and unknown accounts.

3. Select the desired automatic action. Unsubscribe (recommended) or delete emails from your account.

4. Now start the automation process so that all the bad emails are deleted from your account on a regular basis and a clean list remains.

Finally, you always have a clean list and you don't have to clear it manually every time.


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